Why is eCommerce Website Design Important?

More and more entrepreneurs are choosing to move from a physical store into an online store, also called an E-commerce website. The difference between the two is very evident. With an online store, you get to reach more people, reduce overhead and operational cost, and manage your business from virtually anywhere. But much like a shop in real life, the website design has an immense impact on your business.

When you step inside a store and look at the dusty tables, disorganized cabinets, messy floors, and outdated ceilings – you will most likely have a negative impression.

Same thing with an eCommerce website. Before you go through the product list, prices and reviews, you first take a look at the overall appeal of the website design. Needless to say, a nice-looking website suggests that you’re dealing with a professional, credible and reputable business.


Is website design really important for your eCommerce business?


And there are plenty of reasons why.

  1. Customer experience is everything.

One of the main reasons why eCommerce website design is so important is because you want to give your customers the best possible experience. When you talk about website design, you don’t just talk about the ‘pretty’ little details such as the color, font style, animation, etc. You want to focus on how to make your website user-friendly. This include having catchy, readable labels, organized layout, clickable links, and fast loading (this is the most important).

  1. First impression lasts.

This cliché is very true with eCommerce websites. In fact, studies show that the overall look and feel of a website contributes to 94% of mark first impressions. Using the appropriate design for your niche is important to convey the types of products or services you offer and how serious you are with what you do.

  1. You want your business to stand out.

There are millions of websites up and running. How do you increase your chances of getting a good rank on major search engines like Google? Having a well-designed eCommerce website is essential for your brand to stand out. Just as you would invest money on furnishings and décor for your physical shop, you also want to invest a little more on your website design. A great-looking website uplifts your brand and gives you an edge over your competitors. Additionally, your website is where you provide your customers with the latest updates and information about your products or services. Your graphical representations and overall display help draw attention if done professionally.

  1. Easy navigation.

easy navigation panel

Another difference between an online store and a physical store is that with the former, you don’t have anyone to assist your customers as they ‘walk in’ to your site. Exploring your store and getting what they need, from checking prices and products to processing their order, is all on your customers. Thus, you want to make sure that your website has easy navigation. You want your customers to get what they need at the soonest possible time. Thankfully, you will find lots of readily available templates that ensure user-friendly navigation features.

  1. Higher conversion rate.

Your conversion rate is what determines your website success. A great website design not only draws attention but also encourages users to buy your products. When designing your eCommerce store, implement conversion-centric design elements that prompts customer actions. For instance, provide complete product information with professional, high-professional images. If they need assistance, make sure they can send you an inquiry through your website.  

conversion rate

  1. Website security.

A very important aspect of website design that is often overlooked is security. Without security measures, your website will be prone to hackers, spammers, and identity thieves. If your customers feel unsafe when browsing your website, they are less likely to make business with you. Ask your website designer about all the important security factors that should be incorporated in your online store.

When designing your website, always think about your target market as they are the ones who will be using your website and purchasing your products. Creating the best eCcommerce design is important in order for your brand to stand out, make positive first impressions, deliver positive customer experience, increase your conversion rate, and make your online store more secure.