Urban Bicycling Safety – A Masterclass for Safe Bike Riding on City Streets

Getting around the city by bike is rewarding because it lets you explore different areas where you won’t normally stop with your car.  And there are bike paths, lanes and greenways that make the journey even more fun. Cycling is great but can be dangerous if you won’t practice safety. So, if you have not ridden a bike for a while, you might be having more questions than answers regarding city biking.    For your guidance, let’s discuss a few tips and tricks that you can make use of in and out the bicycle lane.

Tips for Safe Commuting

Practice cycling

If you have not hopped on a bike for a while, practice before commuting in the city.  You should first be comfortable. For example, you must learn motion ranges you’ll do on your bike, including shoulder checking and riding with one hand.

Practice defensive cycling

Practice defensive cycling

Some car drivers do not appreciate road bikers, and tourists are unfamiliar with the roads and lanes. These drivers make lane changes that can overlook and hit you.  Then, there are buses and trucks passing by and obscuring your vision from other cars behind or ahead of them.  Stay alert and be ready for sudden mistakes or moves by others. Be sure to glance at a driver who should be yielding to you to ensure you’re seen. To ride safely in the city you must also ride in a straight line to keep yourself visible.

Accept that you might be doored

Bike and door collisions can lead to serious injuries. To prevent it from happening, stay alert and look ahead for vehicles, which have just pulled into spots. You must also ride with the right estimated distance of a door between you and parked cars.

Check your bike

Put air in the tires, clean its chain and see if the brakes are working.  In short, get your bike city ready.

Ride with other bikers

If you’re riding for the first time once more, tag along experienced coworkers, family members or friends who always ride, and then join them on their trip around the city. also, focus on being comfortable, not in leading the way.

Be space conscious

City riding can be tough. You have to recognize the presence of pedestrians, vehicles and other cyclists. Be aware of cars’ turn signals, shoulder check before turning and yield to pedestrians crossing.

Tips for Locking a Bicycle

Tips for Locking a Bicycle

  1. Buy a good lock. You may want to opt for cable locks, which may be enough in keeping thieves away from your bike. Alternatively, you may want to choose pinhead locks if your budget allows it. These are locking skewers for the wheels and seat post; you will need a unique key to unlock it.
  2. Lock the frame into a post or something that cannot be moved or cut. Make sure that a thief won’t be able to lift your bike off it.
  3. Before leaving your bike, make sure that you remove all the accessories, including the Go Pro, GP and lights.
  4. You might also want to weave a cable lock through the wheels, and then attach that to an immovable object and the other lock. Alternatively, you might want to use a link lock or a u lock for the frame.
  5. Lock your bike in a crowded and lighted area.

Rules to Follow

Rules to Follow

  1. Wear a helmet to protect your head.
  2. Act like a car. Know that drivers are used to other drivers’ patterns. Do not try weaving in and out of the traffic. You should also keep your riding predictable to stay safe, check for the traffic and be aware of it.
  3. You are less likely to be hit if you stay visible. Wear reflective clothing and use lights especially when riding at night or in a low light condition.
  4. Disconnect your iPod to avoid any distractions. You must also avoid talking on the phone.
  5. Look, signal and look again. You should make use of signals to other cyclists and drivers so that they would know where you are going. Glance into the eye of another driver and avoid assuming he would stop for you.
  6. You should bike in the flow or direction of traffic.
  7. Keep yourself alert of any obstacles in your way.
  8. Obey the traffic lights and laws.
  9. Check that your bike is well adjusted before riding in the town.
  10. Do a bike test before hitting the road. You must check your wheels and brakes. Also, check that the quick release wheels are secured in place.

Final Thoughts

Riding in the city is fulfilling because it lets you explore different places, burn calories, stay fit and save the environment! And by keeping yourself and others safe while riding, you will be more rewarded. Take note of these tips and tricks for bike commuting safety in the city, have fun and get to your destination unharmed!

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