Wedding Trend for a Second Marriage

Wedding Trends For Second Marriage

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Society is way past the days where women slipped off to the courthouse to marry their second-time around. We are no longer allowing anyone to tell us what is and is not “proper.” In days gone by, a bride had to be married in white. White signified her declaration of purity. Couples could not live together before marriage and a wedding certificate tied you to someone for life no matter how the actual marriage sized up.

Today brides are selecting dresses based on what they like. First-time brides can choose a gown of color, a mini-dress, or even a pant-suit. Second-time brides can wear a dress of diamond white, or black, or anything in between.

The mature bride knows herself better than she did when she was 20-something and trying to follow every detail of every tradition. Many second-time brides feel like their first wedding was not even theirs. Parents insisted upon the guest list, and the venue had to be large enough to accommodate all of these people that the mothers of the couple could not possibly ignore. The entire event could be summed into one word, stressful.

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Size of the wedding and venue

The trends we are seeing in 2019 for second-time brides begin with a smaller guests list. The couple wants people around them that they care about. They want to share their special day with close friends and family. Wedding trends are pointing to intimate home weddings or a small destination wedding in a place that means something to the couple.

Family promises

Many second time brides and grooms have children. Merging families is never easy. These couples include their children in the wedding as much as possible. They may offer them positions of junior bridesmaids or junior groomsmen. You will likely hear vows that the couple wrote to each other. Then they will make family vows. These vows will include their children as they promise to be everything they can be for this special person.


A couple on their second marriage is usually more financially comfortable than they were in their 20s. But, that has little to do with the trend of feeding the guests. Our mature couple that opts for a semi-formal or romantic destination wedding invites a group of people that mean the most to them. They are catering a reception in the venue. Depending upon where they go and what the temperatures are, they may even have an outdoor dinner, like on the beach or in a vineyard. Their dinner includes a bar, and dancing. If the couple is having a more casual wedding at home or in a park, they are more apt to serve a signature cocktail, and finger foods or hor d’oeuvres. This wedding is usually in the afternoon and ends by twilight.

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The trend for wedding dresses is the same for new brides or bride’s who have walked the aisle before. A bride should choose a design, color, and hemline that makes her feel beautiful. The generalization for the second wedding is this; brides who had the whole princess wedding the first-time, usually opt for a sleek gown or a cocktail dress for a less than formal event. The dresses do not have to be plain. Consider a wedding dress with lace. Consider a metallic dress like rose gold, for example. Or wear the white or ivory dress with long sleeves of lace and a long train. The trend for the veil is either a very slight veil or no veil at all. Natural hair is the trend. That can mean flowing curls or a messy bun. The day is yours. 

There are many reasons why a young bride and groom cannot have a fairytale wedding the first-time around. Sometimes illness or job loss in a family means there is no money for a princess. Most couples opt to pay for their own and they just get married. It may not be the event of the century, but at the end of the day, they are just as married.

This bride may want to experience the wedding she could not have before. She may want the full skirt with gems and pearls. She may want a luxurious mermaid gown. This bride is having her dream wedding and she doesn’t care who thinks it is improper. This wedding is personal. The couple has their own reasons for doing the things they do. People who love them should follow their lead. Besides, if couples who have been living together for 5-years can choose a virginal white gown for their wedding, you can too. It is not about the purity of your dress, but the purity of your heart. That is what love is. The purity of the heart.