What Type of Car Should You Buy Based on Your Style?

What Type of Car Should You Buy Based on Your Style?

Style makyth man.

It’s actually manners, but who gives a fender? Your style is everything these days, and because social media can haunt you while you sleep, it’s best to sort out a ride that matches your fashion sense. Besides knowing the car history, use your imagination!

Style 1: Rugged

Think jeans, boots, plaid, military, survival, and guns. People who dress to be ready for whatever the hell life throws at them, can’t drive around in a tiny hatchback. If you’re like Bear Grills and have the gear to match, you should buy a pickup or a sizeable 4×4 SUV. Don’t forget the shotgun rack!

Style 2: Dapper

Preppy, Silicon Valley and Sunday golf. If you dress like any of the these (think 80’s frat boys), a convertible sports car or a luxury SUV should fit your style just fine. The flashier and more exotic, the better!

Style 3: Minimalist

If all you own in the world can fit in two suitcases, a used car or a super small car would suit your style. Some minimalists don’t even own cars anymore, and prefer the freedom of buses and trains!

Style 4: Black and Grey

Does your entire wardrobe consist of black and grey top help you conserve willpower? If the answer is yes, then all you need is a nondescript black sedan or medium-sized SUV. You’re welcome.

black and grey cars

Style 5: Dad

Who’s your daddy? We don’t mean dressing like a pimp! If you’re the hero in your family and you need to haul your kids with all their gear to soccer practice, a minivan or medium to large size SUV will do wonders.

Style 6: Academic

Think glasses and Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code. If you dress like or are a university professor, you should get a compact or medium sized SUV in the mid-range luxury category.

Style 7: Rockstar

Rap star, rockstar, superstar. Think entourage, Floyd Mayweather and Tom Cruise. If you’re dressed to impress every single day and have money to burn, you should buy an exotic sports car. A super tricked-out, customized luxury SUV also does wonders for your street cred.

Style 8: Oldschool

Vintage, your grandparents, retro. If you can’t get over the past and love to dress in it, you should get a car that reflects your desire for a bygone era. Old vintage cars are what you should be looking to buy. If you can’t afford one, a Mini Cooper or a Volkswagen Bug can still reflect your style.

Brand New VS Used

Brand New VS Used

You’ve saved enough money for a set of wheels, and it’s decision time.

What car should you buy? New or used? It all boils down to your budget, your personality, your preferences and what you need the car for.

  • Let’s say you have enough money to buy a brand-new small car, but you have a wife, four kids, and two dogs? Plus, you’re a 6’4″, 250 lb. beefy male? Should you try to cram your frame and everybody else in a tiny but new hatchback?
  • Or what if you’re only buying a car and don’t really care if it’s cheap? A real point A to point B gal?
  • Maybe you’re into recycling and abhor buying anything brand new, trying to save the planet one car at a time?

In these cases, buying a used car seems like a better option because it fits the parameters of the buyer. All you need to do is hire a mechanic, do research on the car history, and you’re good.

But if you’re buying a new car because you’ve never owned one and you want to show it off to your friends, then head to the dealer, stat!

You deserve it.